Pearce Family | Sydney Family Photographer | Elysium Photography

The lead up to this session had been rainy and grey all week. I had a good feeling about the afternoon, so Alison and I both agreed that we should give it a shot. I drove for 2 hours in steady rain to get to this stunning location, praying all the way for the rain to let up. I tentatively checked the radar on my phone as soon as I pulled into the parking lot and it showed that the showers were meant to be clearing. The moment this lovely family pulled into the carpark, the rain miraculously subsided and the sun came out in a glorious answer to prayer!

We made the short trek down to the beach for our session and soaked in all the beauty that Bouddi’s Little Beach had to offer. It was such a relaxing evening with kids free to run and play, some quality time with mum and dad, lots of infectious laughter, and the most glorious sunset after the rain!

The kids excitement intensified when they found out that mum had brought along a change of clothes and that there were allowed to go jumping in the waves. We all raced to the shoreline filled with elation and anticipation. Even I got in on the watery fun, standing in the shallows to capture the hullabaloo. Thank you Pearce Family for allowing me to document this special time for you all to treasure!



Black Family | Sydney Family Photographer | Elysium Photography

This little family are so very special. I have been photographing their boys since I first started my business. I have photographed each of them on their first birthday and it is always such a delight to see them back again. We visit the same spot at Western Sydney’s Lizard Log so that we can easily track their family’s growth.

This time, sweet little Issac had joined the ranks and they shared a glorious afternoon as a family enjoying games, scavenger hunts and snuggles. The boys were so pleased to see me again and it was wonderful to marvel at how much the 2 older boys had grown since our last family session together.


Rignanese Family | Sydney Family Photographer | Elysium Photography

I have enjoyed yearly visits with this gorgeous bunch since we started photographing Bella when she turned one. From there, we had another visit when she turned two. For her third birthday, she was kind enough to introduce her new baby brother, and for our most recent instalment, we got to celebrate 2 birthdays – a big 4 year old and a 1 year old!

It has been so lovely to look back over past sessions with this delightful family and marvel at how much their little people have grown and changed from one session to the next!

What an afternoon it was! Tearing about in the long grass, giggling as it tickled their cheeks, enjoying some snuggly moments with mum and dad. My family sessions are aimed at fun and enjoying quality time as a family. The bonus is that I buzz around and document the magic that unfolds!



The Mann Family | Sydney Family Photographer | Elysium Photography

It is always a little nerve-wracking when a fellow photographer asks you to document their family. Thankfully, Shannon and her adorable family completely set me at ease and we spent a magical afternoon tearing around Lennox Bridge.

We had to split their photography session up into 2 parts because our first session there had to be shortened due to maintenance work on the bridge. Shannon wished to capture her breastfeeding journey coming to and end and the close bond shared with their baby girl at this important milestone.

Our second session was timed to coincide with little miss Abigail turning one. It’s amazing how much children can grow and change in such a short period of time, and I feel so blessed that I was able to freeze time for this special little family!


Uriah & Family | Sydney Family Photographer | Elysium Photography

Parents hold hands with their little boy as he giggles with delight

This is my 4th session with this beautiful little family, and every time I see them, I marvel at just how much little Uriah has grown and changed since the last time I photographed him! I first met Nathan and Heidi at the PBC Expo and we booked in their maternity photo session. Just weeks after that, little Uriah was born and I met this sweet newborn baby. This was made even more special with Heidi’s mum visiting from Canada to meet her newest family member. A short 6 months ahead and Nathan’s parents came to visit their grandson all the way from Canada, so we took a trip down to the local beach to photograph a very special family session. Now that Uriah has just turned 18 months, it was delightful to document his transformation from baby to a funny, talkative, affectionate, energetic little boy! We decided to head back to where it all began, at the very same location we used for Nathan & Heidi’s maternity photo session. It is so incredible to witness all of the changes that can happen in close to 2 years!


Cora Turns ONE! | Sydney Family Photographer | Elysium Photography

Sweet little Cora made me work hard for our photo session! She could pull off the best ever Angry Cat impersonation I have ever seen from a one year old. After taking a while to warm up to the funny lady with a camera, we finally got to see her radiant little smile and personality.

Surrounded by lush green paperbark forrest, we enjoyed a rather spectacular golden sunset as Cora enjoyed giggles and games with her parents and we managed to photograph so many adorable expressions. I may have had to pull out all the stops to get the smiles from this little lady, but boy was it worth it!


The Mignemi Family | Sydney Family Photographer | Elysium Photography

Each and every one of my photography clients are absolute rock stars! It’s not easy to get in front of a camera and laugh along with someone you have only just met! This little family killed it!!

Despite their 3 little people each going in different directions, they stayed as cool as a cucumber and managed to laugh and enjoy their session! I may have needed to pull out all the stops and tricks to keep all 3 of them entertained, and conjure up some photoshop magic (sooo many head swaps!), but what an incredible session!

Delivering their beautiful printed images yesterday made me feel so humbled to know that those gorgeous works of art will be gracing their walls for a lifetime of enjoyment. Thank you Mignemi family for allowing me to capture this special time for you!


The Khoury Family | Sydney Lifestyle Photographer | Elysium Photography

Each and every one of my clients are total rock stars with their own unique story for me to capture. Often, I meet an extraordinary family that I just connect with and feel like we have known each other for years – this was one such family!

The bond they shared and their tender, devoted parenting mirrored my approach to my own children. We shared a magical afternoon of fun, laughter, games, cuddles and one EPIC SUNSET!! Their gorgeous boys looked so angelic in the afternoon light, and parents, David and Tania, even snuck in some adorable couples shots. In their questionnaire, Tania noted that the boys are very cheeky and smiley – well they did not disappoint there! Their beautiful little smiles and bubbly personalities had me captivated throughout the entire session!

I am super excited to receive their prints and photo album back from my print lab and to see their stunning images displayed in their home for a lifetime of enjoyment! Thank you so much David and Tania for bringing your gorgeous family my way! xx


Zachary Turns Two | Sydney Family Photographer | Elysium Photography

Parents swing their little boy into the air as he giggles

I can still recall my very first chat with Mandy about their approaching session when Zachary turned one. She explained that she and her hubby, Shannon, had not had a photo session before and felt very awkward in front of the camera. I set her mind at ease explaining that I don’t require them to pose, but that they will be required to have FUN with Zac and that’s it! They turned up to that first session, had an amazing time celebrating their little man, forgot that I was there shooting them, and now have returned for another session, this time celebrating Zac turning TWO!

I adore seeing returning clients! Not only does it mean I’m doing my job right, but I absolutely love to see how much they have grown and changed in just one short year. I get to share in their momentous joy and wonder we all feel as parents, watching our children grow up!

Thank you Shannon & Mandy for bringing Zac out to play again! I can’t wait to see you all again next year! xx