The Mann Family | Sydney Family Photographer | Elysium Photography

It is always a little nerve-wracking when a fellow photographer asks you to document their family. Thankfully, Shannon and her adorable family completely set me at ease and we spent a magical afternoon tearing around Lennox Bridge.

We had to split their photography session up into 2 parts because our first session there had to be shortened due to maintenance work on the bridge. Shannon wished to capture her breastfeeding journey coming to and end and the close bond shared with their baby girl at this important milestone.

Our second session was timed to coincide with little miss Abigail turning one. It’s amazing how much children can grow and change in such a short period of time, and I feel so blessed that I was able to freeze time for this special little family!


The Khoury Family | Sydney Lifestyle Photographer | Elysium Photography

Each and every one of my clients are total rock stars with their own unique story for me to capture. Often, I meet an extraordinary family that I just connect with and feel like we have known each other for years – this was one such family!

The bond they shared and their tender, devoted parenting mirrored my approach to my own children. We shared a magical afternoon of fun, laughter, games, cuddles and one EPIC SUNSET!! Their gorgeous boys looked so angelic in the afternoon light, and parents, David and Tania, even snuck in some adorable couples shots. In their questionnaire, Tania noted that the boys are very cheeky and smiley – well they did not disappoint there! Their beautiful little smiles and bubbly personalities had me captivated throughout the entire session!

I am super excited to receive their prints and photo album back from my print lab and to see their stunning images displayed in their home for a lifetime of enjoyment! Thank you so much David and Tania for bringing your gorgeous family my way! xx


The Buchanan Family | Sydney Family Photographer | Elysium Photography

A family of 4 stand in a rainforest lit by a golden sunset

Just an hour out from the start of our session, I get a phone call from a very frantic mamma. Kim proceeds to tell me that their little guy hasn’t had a nap and will possibly be very uncooperative. I tell her not to worry and that I hear this all the time. We meet for our session, the kids absolutely nail the play aspect of my sessions, and as we say goodbye after the session wraps up, I reassure Bill and Kim that it went really well and I got so many lovely moments between the 4 of them.

I get home and instantly download the images to backup and I am just blown away by how well their family session went! You see, despite the kids skipping their naps, they had the opportunity to just play and be themselves, which is what they naturally excel at doing, and it totally distracted them from any inkling of feeling tired! Little people were not made to sit still or pose for photographs, and THAT is why I have play based sessions! I love capturing their little giggling faces as their dad spins them round and round, or when mum hoists them into the air and brings them back down for a kiss! No expectations to “just behave” or “smile for the camera”, just capturing their little personalities and individuality!

Thank you so much Buchanan Family for coming out for a gorgeous afternoon of play!