Baby Frank | Sydney Lifestyle Newborn Photographer | Elysium Photography

This is the third time I’ve been blessed with documenting this beautiful little family. I first met them when Bella turned one and they wanted to capture the milestone with a photo session. Then again when she turned two, we headed to the beach for a session with sand, sunsets and fun! Now, they have added one more to the tribe – gorgeous little Frank! Our newborn photo session was a hoot, with giggles, bed jumping and a marvellous game of hide and seek under Bella’s blankie! Frank was absolutely not interested in having his scheduled sleep time, but instead wanted to watch my every move, totally transfixed by my camera. He finally gave in to sleep – right in the final 5 minutes of our session!

Thank you again Rignanese Family for inviting me to record so many wonderful memories for you, and for the long chats and coffee!


Baby Eveleigh | Sydney Newborn Photographer | Elysium Photography

Parents gaze adoringly at their newborn daughter during an in-home photo session

I was blessed with the honour of photographing this beautiful couple’s wedding just over a year ago, and was recently blessed again with documenting their newest addition, sweet little Eveleigh!

During their in-home lifestyle photography session, we were joined with Adam’s two older daughters, as well as Adam & Jenna’s first daughter, Estelle. They had a marvellous time admiring Eveleigh’s tiny features, giggling at how much fun it was to sit in dad’s lap (even if they thought they were too big to fit) and enjoying some cuddly time with the new little sister they are clearly besotted with! Their close and connected bond was certainly evident in each and every image we captured!

Thank you Adam and Jenna for asking me to document this incredible new chapter in your lives! I am truly humbled with being able to witness your little family growing!


Baby Evie and Family | Sydney Family Lifestyle Photographer

A family sitting in a grassy field at sunset

From my very first communication with Diane, I just knew this was going to be a fun session! 3 littlies under 3 would mean I’d be kept on my toes! In my client questionnaire, Diane mentioned that “We would like to remember the happiness and youth of our children – like the way they run and play. The way they show each other love. The way we show them love (which as adults they will know but not necessarily remember) – kisses, cuddles etc the joy of us as a family”. Such a great answer! I couldn’t wait to capture this special new chapter for them and convey their relationship and family bond.

Baz and Ivy with their cheeky little smiles and cracker of a personality both had me in stitches with their antics. So full of energy, they had me tearing about this grassy field trying to keep up with them! Then taking energy levels down a notch, they each showed such a tender and caring side towards their little sister, Evie – sitting in mums lap and stroking her head, or gently holding her tiny hands.

Even dad, Glenn, enjoyed the session. He was such a trooper keeping up with the kids energy levels, spinning them around and around, zooming them like aeroplanes – I think he was extremely relieved to sit down for some quiet cuddles after that!

Thank you Diane for bringing your gorgeous little family out for me to photograph! x


Baby Gilly | Sydney Newborn Photographer

Newborn baby girl sleeping peacefully

This darling little girl is so very treasured! I’ll bet your reading this and thinking “yeah, I bet you say that about all the newborns you photograph”. Well you see, this sweet little one is extra special – she is surrounded by the love of 10 siblings (yes, you read that correctly… 10 incredible children!) as well as an angel sibling to watch over her.

Gilly’s supermum, Belinda, and I have known each other since high school, so it was such a rewarding experience to bless her beautiful family with these images. I went into this session with the certainty that I would shoot the whole thing specifically for black & white. You see, when an image is black & white, it forces you to focus on the details and emotional connection, rather than being distracted by different elements in a colour image. All her dear little newborn features are preserved for an eternity!


Newborn baby girl yawningNewborn baby sleeping with little fingers holding a wrapNewborn baby girl held by her siblings handsNewborn baby girl wrapped and sleeping peacefullyNewborn baby with an arm poking out of her wrapMacro shot of Newborn baby lips detailsMacro shot of Newborn baby toesParents admiring their newborn baby girlA dad holds his tiny newborn's head in his handsA swaddled newborn sleeping on a blanket

Baby Cooper | Sydney’s Inner West Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Newborn baby boy being held in daddy's hands

At just 18 days new, little Cooper certainly had his charming talents perfected. He was so alert yet calm and relaxed the entire session, that we even managed to capture him in dad’s hands awake and still – not an easy thing, even with a sleepy bub!

I had the pleasure of photographing Jason and Natara when they got married in March 2017, so when I received a message from Natara asking if I would come and capture their newest addition, I was beyond thrilled! Entering their gorgeous home to see so many of my favourite images from their wedding day framed on their walls was so humbling.

Their wonderful home yielded so many amazing little nooks of photographer gold! We shot everywhere – bedrooms, hallway and even the kitchen. Their beautiful loving connections was so perfectly captured in every little moment spend with Cooper. He is truly surrounded by so much love! Thanks Jason & Natara for inviting me to once again capture your books newest chapter! xx


Uriah | Sydney Newborn Photographer

Ok, so THIS is why I do newborn sessions in-home… everyone can kick back in the comfort of familiar surroundings, mum and dad can wear comfy clothing, everyone is relaxed & calm, and most importantly Grandparents are always welcome! Uriah’s grandma was visiting all the way from Canada. There were lots of hugs, happy tears and beautiful quiet moments of connection with their newest family member.

It was so exciting to find out what Nathan and Heidi had, since the gender was being kept a surprise. It’s always so lovely catching up with my maternity clients and seeing so many dynamic changes which have taken place in such a short time. Even after our session had wrapped up, we sat around and chatted for hours. It’s such a wonderful privilege being welcomed so warmly into clients homes and lives and being a part of capturing such an awe-inspiring chapter in their lives! I’ve been invited back to capture Uriah and his other Grandparents when they visit in November and I am so eager to see how many changes he has gone through in his first 3 months of life!


Harriet | Sydney Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography in-home session in western Sydney

When all 3 family members are this darn gorgeous, when their home is styled to perfection and to be greeted by the cutest pug dog in the world (who’s name was Hermione, so this Harry Potter geek practically melted!), well there are just no words needed for this session. A picture speaks a thousand words, so here’s 21 images for you to enjoy of Hus, Hannah and the divine Miss Harriet!

PS – can you spot the cheeky Hermione sneaking into our shot…?

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Evangeline | Sydney Newborn Photographer

In-Home Newborn Photo Sessions

This incredible newborn session had it all – glorious light, beautiful parents, adorable baby and so many lovely hand-knitted heirloom items to include in their images it made me swoon! Sweet little Evangeline was a package of perfection all wrapped up in the same blanket that her mummy was brought home from hospital in. I always love including wraps and outfits which have been handed down the generations. They provide such an important link down the family tree to past family members.

As a parent, I could relate all to well to hearing upon my arrival “I’m not camera ready yet and I’m functioning on just 3 hours of sleep”… “so handy that we’re doing this at home then” was my reply. With everything at her fingertips, Virginia was able to transform into an absolute vision (she already was a vision of beauty, even in a sleep deprived state!) while we got some gorgeous shots with just Michael and his little treasure. The 3 of us then related to all things baby, laughed til there were tears, and marvelled at the perfection in this new little life! They are only this tiny once – capture it while you can!

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Jesinta | Sydney Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer

From the moment I was welcomed into Paul and Carlie’s divine home, there was this overwhelming sense of the love and connection they share as a family. Their new addition, Jesinta is one very adored little miss and this showed in each an every magical image I captured. We chatted over coffee, took the time to work out some wind issues to ensure miss J was comfortable, and laughed til we cried at the end result of working out the above mentioned wind! Their beautiful little townhouse glowed from the most amazing morning sun which streamed in and illuminated every corner for us. This little bundle of perfection fought sleep right until the very end until she could hold out no longer and crashed out in mum’s arms. So very special!